"What's New Wednesday" -- The Art of Storytelling

Rudyard Kipling said that if we learned history through story, none of us would ever forget. Storyteller Terry Visger will put that statement to the test with her account of the clamming and pearl button industry along the Mississippi River. Using the character of a clammer's wife, Terry will share the story of how the shells were harvested, a little about the processing, and also the treasures (pearls) that were sometimes found. After the story, Terry will discuss the impact of the industry on the fresh water mussels (they weren't clams), and the environmental causes that have made this animal the most endangered animal in the USA. With her high energy performances, Terry engages her listeners and takes them on a journey of the imagination. So please join us from noon – 1 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday, July 28, for the next What’s new Wednesdays.